Malom also known as Maloth, is a green hilly village located on the slopes of Western Ghats is famous for monsoon tourism. Malom is known as  Kerala’s Coorg” among travellers because of its greenery and location, which is adjacent to the coorg. With nature’s abundance the village is the piece land located between two famous hill stations (Ranipuram and Kottancheri) of North Malabar. Malom is also famous for its cultural heritage, being referred in the history of many temples and taravadus. A Muslim theyyam (known as “MUKRI-POKER”) is practiced here.


Evergreen forest covering regions and Green Estates creates a pleasant climate in malom village. The year is divided into four seasons; cold weather (December to February) hot weather (March to May) South West monsoon (June to September) and North East monsoon (October to November).very High amount of rainfall is avilable in malom because of its large forest area covering the whole Ranipuram-Kottencheri Belt along with the Talacavery Wildlife Santury in Karnataka. The average annual rainfall of Malom and Nearby places is above 300 cm.

Places To Visit

Hill Stations

·         Kottancheri hills konnakkad

·         Kammadi hills konnakkad

·         Panniyarmani Medows

·         Edakkanam Hills

·         Maruthom Hill Station

Monsoon Waterfalls

·         Theanvarikallu Falls

·         Konnakkad Waterfalls (Achankallu)

·         Ottemalam Waterfalls

·         Edakkanam Waterfalls

·         Palakolli Waterfalls Pady

Other Places of Interest

·         Malom River Islands, vallikadavu

·         Muthappanmala hill temple on malom – balal hills

·         Hilly viewpoints

·         Sacred Groves & Temples like malom koolom

·         Green Estates

·         Monsoon downstreams & check dams

·         Chullithattu water flows

Top Locations

·         Maruthom

·         Konnakkad

·         Pullody

·         Valiyapuncha

·         Edakkanam

Buy & Eat

Malom is famous for its village products, Spices & Bakery Shops, you may get good quality food items like

·         Honey, spices & wine etc

·         Natural fruits & vegetables

·         Cakes, chips , bread & other bakery items


·         Homestays/Resorts are avilable in and around Malom.

·         Rooms & lodges avilable in nearby towns like Cherupuzha, vellarikundu & Panathur